Thursday, December 6, 2012

The new school way of learning

When are people going to learn that technology has become vital part of our world? Weather you like technology or not you have to admit that almost everything uses some sort technology. The world is evolving and you can either be left behind in the stone age or move on into the future.
School in my opinion is way behind the curve. I'm using textbooks that I'm pretty sure that my mom and dad were using when they were in school. When it comes to textbooks some of the classes that have textbooks don't even use them. Is this because the information is outdated? Maybe, but here is a way to keep information up to date. It's called etextbooks. Here is a statistic that might make you think a little more, Web Wise Kids say that 93% of teens go online and 63% of them go online everyday. So why not make textbooks more accessible to people. People are putting down regular books and picking up ipads, Kindles, and reading more on the computer. If you were to ask me if I rather read a regular book or read the same book online, I'd say online because it is what I'm use to and I feel more comfortable. People are going to do more things if they are comfortable so if people are online all the time and using technology everyday they are going to feel comfortable reading online. Also textbooks get all beat up and the pages get ripped out and torn and go missing with etextbooks that is never going to happen they will stay new.
When it comes to carrying around textbooks it can be a pain in the butt when you have more than one. My book bag with all my books and binders in it weighs almost 15 pounds. Carrying all that weight around all day can be tiring and can also be bad for your back. A tablet weighs far less and you can have the same amount of books and doing even more on and it's only one thing you have to carry around. With etextbooks you are able to highlight, take notes, and also some have text-to-speech options. All of these options can not make learning easier but it can also be more fun than just picking up a old outdated textbook.
Have you ever needed a textbook and went to the bookstore and they were sold out or gone online to order and it was going to take a week or two to get the book? With etextbooks there is no waiting for it to be shipped or worrying if the texbook is out of stock, you can download the etextbook right then and in minutes. No more paying shipping cost either. Textbooks can be very expensive and etextbooks can save you some money. Ebooks can almost always be cheaper than regular textbooks. One girl had a saving of $641 and that could buy you a brand new iPad.
To me it's not a matter of why etextbooks are better it's a matter of when they are going to be used in place of all the textbooks. I think it's clear that etextbook can make learning more accessible and also more fun. The things that you can do when have an etextbook far exceed anything you can do compared a regular textbook. When are schools going to come around and enter into the world of technology?