Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When You Think of College Do You Think of the Good Things or the Bad Things or even Both?

“Questioning the value of a college education seems a bit like questioning the value of happiness, or fun.” Megan McArdle  



I feel college can be good for many different reasons but also in the same respect it is not for everyone. I’m going to start off with a quote from another blog I read Live and Learn “The theory goes like this: In any group of people, it’s easy to determine who is the fastest or the strongest or even the best-looking. But picking out the most intelligent person is difficult, because intelligence involves many attributes that can’t be captured in a one-time assessment, like an I.Q. test.” society has taught us that school is a must to succeed and to get the job that you want you have to go to finish high school and then go on to college. But even then that degree that you just got might not be enough to get that job that you wanted. So then the question I ask is “why waste all that time going to school when that degree you just got can’t get you the job you want?” I say everything takes a little time and although you might not be able to get the job right off the bat it will help you with something later on in life, even if that means you just know a lot about that subject. So to me college can never hurt you it can only help.

            I think everyone that can experience college should. Other than the education college is also good for a social aspect. Now I’m not speaking for everyone when I say this but after being around pretty much the same people and seeing the same place everyday for the first 18 years of my life I think it was time for a little bit of change. Weather it be a very small change or even a really big one change in my mind is good for the most part. It is a whole different world living on your own and you can learn so many new things in a rather short period of time. I think you don’t really find out who you are until you have to start doing things on your own. I also think that it is good for the society as a whole. Some people might be extremely book smart they might not have very much common sense. Being book smart can only take you so far. Rose, the author of Why School? says “learning to think together, learning to attack problems together, learning how to disagree.” and I don’t believe that schools really teach that aspect of life. I know one of the main things I have learn so far just being in college for a month is how to manage money. And I know that the classes I'm taking now aren’t going to teach me how to do that. It’s kind of one of those things you have to learn on your own.

There are two parts to this. The money that you could earn for getting a college education and then on the flip side the money you spend going to college. Most studies now a day say that the higher education you have the more money you make. And I believe that to be true and Education pays gives you a little study on that. So knowing that you make more money the more education you have then you also must know that the longer you spend in school then the more money you will be fishing out. College today is very very expensive. Let me say that again it is very very expensive and can put you in a huge hole once you are finished. So if you do want the benefits of a college education and make more money down the road you are also going to have to pay for that eventually.                                    

College has both its pros and cons just like everything else in life. It’s all up to you whether it's right for you or not.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why college?

For me the question was never "Why college?”, but rather "Which college?"  I always knew that my career options and financial potential would be very limited without a college education.  And there was also the social aspect of college that I wanted to experience by living on my own and meeting a new group of people. My passion has always been to pursue something that involved sports. I’ve played many different sports since elementary school and was fortunate enough to be good at them. However, I also knew that the possibility of playing sports professionally was quite slim. Fortunately for me, my high school offered a broadcasting course. The first day I took a seat in class and the teacher went over what the class was going to be about I knew that class was for me. Our class would film games for our sports teams, produce sports interviews for TV, and compete among other high schools in producing various short subjects. BINGO!  I was pumped! That was all I needed to hear. Now just tell me what I needed to do to get started. Besides producing special and seasonal projects, our class broadcasted a 15 minute show every Friday on news and activities around school. These broadcasts included sports and other ads for upcoming school events. I loved it! I was able to get hands-on experience in filming and editing sports events for 3 of my 4 years at Harrison High School. But mid-way through my senior year, I knew it was time to choose a college that offered a major in the field I wanted to pursue - broadcasting. My ultimate goal has always been to go the University of Georgia, which is where my Dad graduated.  But because I didn't put forth enough effort during my first two years of high school, I knew that UGA might have to wait for now. So I had to do a little research to find a good school that had what I was looking for career wise. I came across JSU and saw that they had an accredited broadcasting program, so I decided to come for a visit. I liked everything about the school and the people I met and decided that JSU was the college I wanted to attend. I had reached my goal of being accepted to a good college where I could pursue a broadcasting degree. Now my next goal is to get to where I have wanted to go since I was a little kid, which is the University of Georgia. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Author Bio

Hi my name is Evan Portwood and this is just a little about me,

I am starting a whole new chapter to my to my life at Jacksonville State University, while high school was a great four years of my life I am ready for some change and for it to be helpful in my future goals in life. I attended Harrison High School where I played football and tennis. I also play golf as a hobby. I am a huge sports fan and I love my Braves, Falcons, and Georgia Bulldawgs. I can talk sports all day and night and am very opinionated when it comes to the teams that I am a die hard fan for.
As for my friends and family I have a mom and dad who would do anything for me. Also one brother who is not just my brother he is my best friend and I do everything with. My aunt is one of my biggest fans if not the biggest. she has giving me a lot of the things that I have and I am very thankful for everything she does for me. I have lost two very important people in my life my grandmother and my uncle. They were to people that I looked up to and I still use the life lessons that they instilled in me. Now I made a lot of good life long friends and I will miss not seeing them almost everyday but life goes on and I'm sure I will make more where I am now. I am a little shy at first but once I get use to people I am almost a whole different person. I believe that I am one of the funniest people around and I laugh at all my foolish jokes that I come up with.
Just half my family

Some things that I love to talk about:
  • Sports (MLB, NFL, College football, tennis, golf, and many more) 
  • Cars
  • TV shows
  • Working out
  • Food
  • Fashion (lame I know but I like it)
  • Technology
  • Music
  • Many other topics