Friday, September 7, 2012

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Hi my name is Evan Portwood and this is just a little about me,

I am starting a whole new chapter to my to my life at Jacksonville State University, while high school was a great four years of my life I am ready for some change and for it to be helpful in my future goals in life. I attended Harrison High School where I played football and tennis. I also play golf as a hobby. I am a huge sports fan and I love my Braves, Falcons, and Georgia Bulldawgs. I can talk sports all day and night and am very opinionated when it comes to the teams that I am a die hard fan for.
As for my friends and family I have a mom and dad who would do anything for me. Also one brother who is not just my brother he is my best friend and I do everything with. My aunt is one of my biggest fans if not the biggest. she has giving me a lot of the things that I have and I am very thankful for everything she does for me. I have lost two very important people in my life my grandmother and my uncle. They were to people that I looked up to and I still use the life lessons that they instilled in me. Now I made a lot of good life long friends and I will miss not seeing them almost everyday but life goes on and I'm sure I will make more where I am now. I am a little shy at first but once I get use to people I am almost a whole different person. I believe that I am one of the funniest people around and I laugh at all my foolish jokes that I come up with.
Just half my family

Some things that I love to talk about:
  • Sports (MLB, NFL, College football, tennis, golf, and many more) 
  • Cars
  • TV shows
  • Working out
  • Food
  • Fashion (lame I know but I like it)
  • Technology
  • Music
  • Many other topics  

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  1. I love playing tennis! I'll even get on the Wii to play it!