Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Do you want a "job" or a "career"?

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     “The word “job” was precious enough; the word “career” seemed outlandish, absurd, almost unseemly.” (Sarah Iszik 21). This quote is from the book “Share or Die” and to me this is the perfect quote to sum up the way people feel into days world about the job market. I personally have never had a job but when I think of the word “job” I think of something you do while you are in high school or college. Something you do to make some money on the side so you can buy things. I don’t think of of the word “job” as being something that you will do for a very long time or even the rest of your life. And that’s why you go to college to get out of the “job” world and enter into your “career”. Now the word “career” to me means something you do for the rest of your life. You wake every saying “I get to do something I love everyday and they pay me for it!” That’s what I want when I get out of college but is it possible?
    I am really not sure if it is even possible to jump right into the “career” you want right after you finish college. But I know that after going through 4 years of college I don’t want to be doing something completely opposite of what I want my career to be. I want to be working my way up the food chain to get to that career goal. But with the way things are going right now it’s just not possible for most people. They are taking the first job that is offered to them because it’s something instead of nothing. They spent 4 years or maybe even more in college to possibly be doing the same job as someone who didn’t go to college. If high school education can get me the same job that a college education can get me then why go to college?
     Something needs to change when it comes to the way college is being run. There is no reason that after all the money you spent paying for a college education that they couldn’t help at least a little. I understand that you are an adult and on your own but why would I want to give you (the college) all this money when it didn’t help me at all? I think there needs to be some help from the college, I’m not really sure what kind of help or really if it’s even possible but it’s a thought and maybe that would help people. Maybe it will get people think on how they can help people reach that career goal. It might make America a happier place.


  1. I totally agree. The way that college appears to us is that it guarantees us a job out of college. Some times its totally the opposite, well now a days it is. Great post.

  2. As I said in a previous blog post I just read the job market is in competition. The help from the college is a great idea and should be put into place immediately.

  3. Evan, when I think of the word "career" I think of it as a string of jobs that you will have during your life. Take the game "Sims3" for example. Your sim starts a "career" but there are 10 different "jobs" in each career. As you build their skills they get promotions and progress to the next job. That's what makes it a career. But hey, that's only one way of looking at it.... (Who said games can't be educational ;P)

  4. Evan, I agree with you. The word "career" is not hardly used anymore. Now, all you hear is "Job" or "work" and you never hear how someone truely loves what they do. I think your blog posts has some valid points and I think it's good that one of your goals is to have a "career." Instead of just a nine to five job that pays well.

  5. I think you have a good point here, Evan. It may be worth pursuing as your capstone project to look at how colleges are helping students cope with the current economy and how they could better do so.

    I like the point that Nory makes about a career not just being one stable position that you have forever. I've had two different "careers" and each one involved working for various places and doing various things. While that may sound scary, it was actually a good thing because I learned how to do different things, I got to meet and work with lots of different people, and I never got bored doing the same old thing at the same old place with the same old people for years on end.